A freebee for my Cycling Club

In a month of so my cycling club is having a social event and the plan is to have a couple of photo booths there.  I agreed to come up with some artwork that would be 180x200cm in size approx.  One for the guys and one for the gals.  I’ll whack up the male version when that is done.

Lots of economizing on what I did here once the main character was drawn. Some copying, some flipping, some repositioning as well as use of some jersey designs I’d previously created.

So, here is the one for the gals.  I need to figure out where I can get this printed on the cheap now.

Baw Baw Cocktail Classic" Photobooth Art 1

“Baw Baw Cocktail Classic” Photobooth Art 1



Another subject is completed

Last night I submitted my “Finished Art Advanced” work.  This made for a short night as I’d closed the book on this work the previous night at 21:30 hours after a last minute “oh crap!”.

I thought I’s check the brief to make sure I’d done everything then found out I needed to provide my thumbnails and a ratoonale. Once that was done, I burnt the files to a CD, made a USB stick copy and relaxed.

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Not quite finished art

Got my Inpress cover back today. Only got a good (equivalent to a C according to the lecturer).  Apparently the margins were 6 instead of a required 10 (despite being told to set up the docco with 6) and she would have preferred to me to deep etch the photos the way I was shown despite the way I did it being okayed in class and the output being to the brief. I’d followed an Internet tutorial on the subject. A couple of rulers were in the wrong place (thanks to shoddy brief instructions IMHO) and the main image could have been Gaussian blurred to reduce the skin pores and the magenta toned down a little   Go figure,  I liked the look of the main picture.  I think this topic was done just to piss us off (or at the very least, designed for psychics).  We keep getting told, “follow the brief”, then on the flip side, as a designer you should blab bla bla.  Anyway, after four late nights working on my portfolio presentation, I’m burnt out at present so do not really care.  The lecturer pulled a potential shifty by having us fill in a survey on the subject prior to providing feedback on our work. Despite this,  I’m going to amend my Inpress cover to meet the real specs.

Finished Art and Print Processes

An on to our next subject grouping. We are looking at how to prepared finished art, so it’s back to the illustrator tool.  After some warmup excercises, we get to recreate the Inpress logo (a street mag here in Melbourne) from a crappy jpg and then mock up a mag cover (I’m pretty sure it’s not just tooling around with the pen).  Anyhooo, here’s the design so far.  I got really stuck into it after an InDesign user group meeting on Wednesday night.  The presentation was about the top 10 simple things that drive printers bonkers.  Some stuff seemed obvious.  Some was new.  As in what the heck is a RIP?  I had to look that one up when I got home.  Some of the lines from the “e” left need a bit of a touch up.

Inpress Logo

In the non computer class we are looking at printing, so grauve, flexo, themo, offset, book binding, paper weights and all that fun stuff.  This topic ends in an exam, so yay.