Twitter Banner Evolution

Social media is apparently a great way to network and display one’s skills.  I’ve never sourced work through it but I do like to play around with my various social media account banners from time to time so show my skills or align the imagery with current little projects I have running.

Here’s my historical twitter banners.


Mt. Baw Baw Alpine Resort Classic – 2014

Like last year, I produced the event signs.  This year, in addition, I produced the winner’s jerseys*, advertising material*,  the competitor’s guide* an updated course map, recreated some logos as well as set up a dedicated Facebook page and promoted the event on twitter.

Everything went well, with the exception of the event banners, which appeared to have been modified between handing them over and being printed as the transparency gradient was missing. This reduced the legibility of some of the sponsors.  They still look ok to the casual observer, but are a little embarrasing for me, despite the fact that the printing was outside of my control.

*These were based on designs provided by the event promotor of materials used in previous years.


“Discount” Rates

This month I appear to have been working on the cheap.  Towards the start of the month, I conducted bicycle maintenance work for a friend of my house mate.  This involved changing overa cluster and chain, checking the gearing and fitting new handle bar tape. For this I charged 6 blocks of 220g Cadbury chocolate. 3x dream, 3x peppermint.

A couple of weeks ago, I designed an event flyer for $15 – the cost of race entry to the event.  I did that as I was feeling generous on the day of the request and had nothing better to do. The task was also good to learn a few more Illustrator techniques.

Towards the end of last month, I was approached by my cycling club to design a flyer for a safety initiative the began.  For this one, I gave the option of a no frills flyer for $250, or one where they get 3 versions and get to choose the winner for development for ~$600.  They went with the no frills version, and I got the signed contract and paper work back at the start of the week so worked on that one evening.  I’m not happy with a couple of design aspects of this one, so it’s into a drawer until the weekend when I can look at it with new eyes.

Last week I was contacted by an ex regarding designing some wedding wrapping to specification.  I did that over the course of two nights and learned how to use Illustrator to produce the style of graphics I wanted to use when I designed my World Track Championships poster last year.  This work borrowed heavily from the supplied artwork’s background, but they appear not to be unique so no copyright issues there (and if there are, Mr. Original Designer, let me know).  For the wrap, I asked for some chockies (either the aforementioned 22g blocks or a toblerone or two).

Today I was asked if a student working in a lab where they wear a t-shirt design of mine could have a digital file of the design for a promo.  For that, I have asked for payment in the form of a plug for the designer (me) and some chockies.  2018 update.  Nothing came of this of course.  That is why $$ rule.


A freebee for my Cycling Club

In a month of so my cycling club is having a social event and the plan is to have a couple of photo booths there.  I agreed to come up with some artwork that would be 180x200cm in size approx.  One for the guys and one for the gals.  I’ll whack up the male version when that is done.

Lots of economizing on what I did here once the main character was drawn. Some copying, some flipping, some repositioning as well as use of some jersey designs I’d previously created.

So, here is the one for the gals.  I need to figure out where I can get this printed on the cheap now.

Baw Baw Cocktail Classic" Photobooth Art 1

“Baw Baw Cocktail Classic” Photobooth Art 1



Late Night Due to Rush Job

On Sunday afternoon I was contact by my cycling club’s Vice President regarding signage for next weekend’s Baw Baw Classic.  She wanted to have the artwork for some gantry signs made up and need it for the printers on Monday.

I agreed to do this as if things worked out well I would be able to say I had designed the signs and at least 200 people will see them, possibly more if the start of finish lines get on SBS as it has the last couple of years.

While driving back to my base in Melbourne, I was thinking about the work.  I had photos of the signs from the last couple of years so no problems designing something to emulate previous years.  My only concerns were that I would have to create a few of the sponsor logos from scratch.

I had already redrawn the Baw Baw Alpine Resort logo a few weeks back for incorporation into the race log and had a club logo and my business logo as ai files.  The race director was able to give me a pdf of her logo which opened us as a vector in Illustrator.  This left three logos to recreate: the Champion System logo, Deploy Traffic Management Systems and Wakefiled and Vogrig Lawyers.

I had cycling gear templates from Champion System so it was pretty straight forward to design their logo.  It differs from the provided logo, but matches the one used on the signs.

The Wakefeld logo was also fairly easy to recreate.  The black type was a standard Adobe system font.  I needed to trace the blue type as I could not identify it.  I was worried the “S” in lawyers was a bit wobbly, but looking at it 24 hours later, it looks acceptable.

The final logo for the traffic? management company posed the biggest challenge.  I was unable to identify the type, but after visually examining other fonts I determined it was probably Helvetica, but vertically stretched with some weird assed kerning applied.  The closet font to this on my computer was Arial. To get it to look like the font used I had to modify the tail on the “a”. The “g” I left as is.

Once I’d created the signs, I sent the ai file, with embedded logos, a pdf of the file and mockups to the VP.  I’ll take some happy snaps of the signs (assuming everything goes to plan) when they are in use on the weekend.

Okay, I’ve added photos of the signs in action.  This year, the LHS and RHS versions appear not to have been printed so the overhead sign is the same on both the left and the right.  The redrawn logos printed out very well.