Mememememe Memes

The font is imact.  These tend to be white with a black stroke and one or two font sizes.

I dabble now and then. Nothing’s taken off.

Twitter Banner Evolution

Social media is apparently a great way to network and display one’s skills.  I’ve never sourced work through it but I do like to play around with my various social media account banners from time to time so show my skills or align the imagery with current little projects I have running.

Here’s my historical twitter banners.


Garden Variety Predator

While checking out Twitter today, a local design studio posted a link to a series on pics using grainy black and white and a Batman figurine.  Here is the link.  I love the “Non stop ladies”, washing machine scene, “Kung Fu” and the truck ones especially and was inspired to do something similar with some figurines of mine and the backyard.

I give you the “Garden Variety Predator”.

Quick and nasty photomanip

Last weekend I attended a race where I had my coach take a photo of me from a low angle.  This gave me a photo that would be suitable for a “hero image”.

I cut myself and my bike out of the background with Photoshop’s pen tool, duplicated this layer several times, added a mask or two, changed some layers to black and white, changed the layer properties, levels and what not, whacked in a background image of some clouds, rendered some difference clouds for some quick and nasty lightning, adjusted the background colours to mirror those in my bike, blurred it a bit, flattened it then whacked it up here.

Cutting the background out took the longest.  I tend to make lots of little clicks, rather than using smooth curves when doing this, but I am tying to improve my workflow there to speed things up.

In other news, it’s crit season again so I am at races at times when I am not racing, but others are so I’m practicing my action photography.


Die Cut of the Week

It’s been a long time coming, but I came across a die cut I thought was interesting.  The dieline was in the shape of a pig and the packaging was for pork.  The colours also mirrored the colour of piggies.

Considering most of the Woolies packaging I see tends to look like their competitor’s packaging, it is nice to see something new coming from them.

Besides that, they were actually quite tasty. Ever since snags went gluten free and fat reduced, I’ve found this sort of food to be tasteless and boring, despite added seasoning.

Piggy Snags

Piggy Snags